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I see my daughter’s little leg, bent at the knee, small foot stretched toward the door as she tries to crawl around her sister to escape – and the image of a similar baby leg and foot, alone in a petri dish, stretching toward nothing sickens my heart (see the third anti-Planned-Parenthood video here). I turn away from my children so they do not see my stricken expression as my mind staggers to the souls that have been ripped from life by forceps that tear asunder soul and body, but leave the liver intact because a liver, unlike a soul, has a market waiting for it.


The pro-choice, pro-baby-parts-selling Left is also Pro-Bullying. The Left shrieks about the bullying of LGBTQ,etc. individuals, and claims that suicides result from this bullying. If they’re against the bullying of adolescents and adults (as we all should be), how much more should they be against the bullying of the most defenseless human beings?

To bully is to frighten, hurt, or threaten someone smaller or weaker than you. Who is smaller or weaker than a baby in the womb? What is more frightening than forceps, a vacuum, or a solution of burning saline? What hurts more than the physical pain of being chased from life to death?

Everyone knows, and has known for a long time, that abortion kills a baby. Even pro-choice enthusiasts have admitted as much, saying “a fetus is indeed a life.” So why is the Left okay with killing a baby? The answer comes down to bullying. Their mindset is this:

Because this child can’t defend herself, because she cannot yet voice an opinion, because we’re bigger and smarter than she is, we get to decide whether she lives or dies. If her life is an inconvenience to anyone, we’re so much bigger and better that we can suffocate this inconvenience before she takes her first breath.

These clinics and political activists hawking abortions are bullies of the worst kind. Their bullying doesn’t sometimes induce a victim’s suicide; it always tears the life from a child. Always death. Every time.

Of course sometimes it’s more than inconvenience that leads a woman to have an abortion. Some women are carrying babies with disabilities, which can be heart-wrenching. Doctors often pressure these women to abort their babies, detailing only the pain and difficulty that can come with disabilities. But who are we to decide if babies will live or die based on how differently abled they are? Would we really want someone else to decide, in advance, how much pain we might suffer in the future and make life-and-death choices for us based on that decision? My daughter has Down syndrome. She would discuss this with you, but she can’t talk yet, and besides she’s too busy laughing and tickling her brother and sister.

Some children are conceived in rape. Society says that because their fathers committed a heinous crime, we should discard these babies as quickly as possible. So, the circumstantial violence gives us the right to have an unborn child totaled and scrapped for parts? Why does a crime committed against a woman (because she was smaller and weaker than her rapist) lead to the assumption that she should visit her anguish on someone even more vulnerable than she? “Pay it forward”  takes on a gruesome new meaning.

Who will speak for the smaller, weaker members of our society? The unborn have been blamed for crimes they did not commit, convicted without trial, and sentenced to death by bullies, most of whom are against the death penalty for the worst criminal yet encourage women to proudly post their abortion stories on social media.

We need to keep pressure on these bullies who promote and perform abortions. We should share articles, share the anti-planned-parenthood videos as they come out, keep using the hashtags #ppsellsbabyparts and #defundpp. This website adds new tools every Monday, helping pro-lifers to put pressure in the same direction at the same time.

When our children look back in horror at this shame of our country, let us not say that we did nothing because we were afraid of what our friends on Facebook might think. Let us not stand silent as bullies market the body parts of the unborn for profit. Instead, let us be valiant protectors of both the bodies and the souls of unborn babies.