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Anything that makes cooking more efficient is a good thing in my (cook)book. Here are some things that are working for me this Wednesday to make cooking a little more fun:

1. My spice cupboard used to be a disaster. I could never find anything and the honey and other sticky items always managed to seep out over the tops and glue their containers to the floor of the cupboard. In addition, I would double my cooking time by spending so many minutes looking for the specific spices I needed for each recipe.

My spice cupboard is still a mess, and I still seem to find puddles of gooey honey. HOWEVER, I no longer waste time looking for spices, thanks to this invention


The drawers pull out and down, allowing me to see the spices without having to dig around in a dark cupboard. This spice rack even came with labels so I can easily see which drawer to pull down! The plastic seemed a little flimsy at first, but I have had this product for 3 years now, and it’s holding up great. 

2. I like using limes in my cooking. Lots and lots of limes. My sister Emily could not believe that I didn’t have one of these, so I got one for my birthday. 🙂 Life-changing, I tell you! This is not the exact one I have, but this lime squeezer has great ratings over at amazon.com.


3. I’m not a big ice cream fan, but even I can appreciate this little lever of ingenuity. I cannot believe no one thought of this before now: an ice cream scoop that can actually scoop ice cream! The sharp, pointed end works like a knife to slice through the frozen tundra. No need to run hot water over this baby or let your ice cream sit out before you scoop it. (This was a gift from my parents, so I didn’t realize until just now how expensive it is –yikes! I promise it’s worth it! This one also has good ratings and is quite a bit cheaper, though I can’t vouch for it personally.)


So there you have it! My current best friends in the kitchen (besides the little ones who “help” by taste-testing). 🙂 What’s working in your kitchen this Wednesday?