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There have been a slew of bakers and photographers lately who have been indicted for turning down business that would require them to celebrate a gay wedding. Earlier this month, it came to light that now a family farm has been fined $13,000 for declining to host a gay wedding in their barn, which they sometimes rent out as a venue. Oh, and they have to hold re-education classes for their employees.

 It has become an indisputable sentiment that gay people are being mistreated left and right, that they are persecuted, and that business owners who refuse to participate in gay weddings are hateful, evil homophobes. In fact, this idea has become so ubiquitous that people are being thrown out of their lines of work for not celebrating gay weddings. They are NOT being shut down because they refuse to serve gay people; in fact, I have not even heard of one instance of an establishment refusing to do business with a gay individual.

 This is frightening, to say the least. This is where defending the rights of others to conduct their businesses according to their consciences is MORE important that defending the rights of couples who want their ONE TIME nuptials to be celebrated at a particular location or with a particular vendor. The bakers, venue owners, and photographers are not being loud and proud. They are not showing up at these weddings and prohibiting the proceedings. THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT EVEN STOPPING GAY COUPLES FROM HAVING A WEDDING. They are NOT infringing on their rights or even perceived rights.

Still disagree with me? Okay, try these on for size…

  1. A white supremacist comes into your bakery, looking for a birthday cake for his buddy. You disagree wholeheartedly with his beliefs (as do I, for the record). But he has a right to his beliefs, just like anyone else, as long as he is not acting on them, right? Do you serve him? OK, sure. You’re not interviewing customers before baking them cakes. Now say this same guy wants you to make him a cake that says, “I heart the KKK.” Would you do it? Or would you decide that his beliefs had crossed the line, and that you couldn’t possibly write that on a cake? I would refuse to bake a cake with that message, wouldn’t you?
  2. You are a graphic designer. A smoker wants you to create an ad for her small business. Most likely, you will comply. Now let’s say she wants you to create an ad promoting her tobacco company, saying that cigarettes have health benefits for your lungs. Do you still take the job? Don’t you want to right to refuse without facing jail time?
  3. You are an event planner. You are also a vegan for what you consider to be moral reasons. A hunter asks you to help him create a display of his most recent kills. Would you do it? Would you think it fair if you had to pay exorbitant fees in lieu of your event planning?

Some will criticize me for these examples because the aforementioned white supremacist, tobacco lover, and hunter are not members of a protected class. But what’s scary about that is that apparently those categories are fluid, changing with the current tide of governments and ideals. Gay people were not members of a protected class until very recently. Put a different government in place and in ten years, members of the NRA could be that protected class.  Think I’m crazy? Ask your grandparents if they ever would’ve dreamed that our society would be where it is today on the issue of homosexuality.

If you support gay marriage and oppose white supremacy and lying about tobacco, then TODAY you are in line with what the government supports. TODAY. Tomorrow, the government may be directing you, in your line of work, to celebrate something that goes against your conscience. Do you want the right to refuse without being forced into unemployment?


Wake up, America. Our religious liberties are being trampled on in the name of Equality (aka whatever the libs determine is equal). Let’s break it down one more time: 

What rights are gay people asking for that they don’t already have?

Right to be served at any restaurant,  

Right to walk down the street without being harassed

Right to safety in places of business

Right to equal pay

Right to be treated at any medical facility

Right to equal use of public transportation

Right to have their marriage celebrated by any specific vendor they choose out of a myriad of options

What rights are vendors asking for that they already have but that are not being respected?

Right to refuse to serve gay people/allow gay people in business

Right to protest at private weddings

Right to bully/harass gay people

Right to not interact with gay people

Right to refuse to participate in a celebratory way in specific ceremonies that violate their religious beliefs

The lesbians in the case of the family farm were each awarded $1500 for not getting the venue of their choice. Seriously. Not for being turned down from the family farm’s apple picking event (because the family doesn’t turn down gay customers). Not for being harassed (which they weren’t). Not for being turned down for a job (the farm employs gay people). But for not getting their CHOICE venue for their wedding. This family farm even offered to host the reception, trying to compromise. Instead of getting tolerance, the farm got a lawsuit.

Oh, and no surprise here – the great State of New York was awarded the other $10,000 in the settlement. Government wins again. And it will continue to gain power as it undermines our rights unless we are willing to speak up for others when their rights are violated by Big Brother and his cronies who are currently in office. Wake up and stand up, or you’re next.