When I potty-trained my son, I was floored by how easy it was. He was 23-months-old, and in three days was completely day-trained. I congratulated myself and considered starting a new career as a potty-trainer . . . until I tried to train my daughter (tried being the operative word!). Using the same method at the same age, this process was a frustrating, months-long ordeal. Though other parents find diapers to be much more convenient and opt for later training, I persevered because I HATE diapers so much. How old your child is won’t really matter, though: potty-training will always be a messy process! I’m grateful that along the way, I found some items that helped us to have a quick success the first time and (finally!) success the second. 

1.) http://www.3daypottytraining.com


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this method because it worked so wonderfully for my son! You have to read all of it and not waver from it at all. This worked well for my second child too; it just took about 3 months instead of 3 days! I liked it well enough that I will be trying it with my third when the time comes. I particularly appreciated that the author is available to answer questions through the website! Consistency is key when potty-training, so having some method or plan was really important to helping me stay on track when things got tough. 

2) THIS Potty!! (Disclaimer: I have never ordered from this website.)


I cannot tell you what a lifesaver this potty has been. We never go anywhere without it! If I have all three kids with me, there is NO WAY I am traipsing them all into a public bathroom, then into one stall, trying to keep two from touching EVERYTHING while trying to keep the third from falling into the toilet. (Question: Why are children obsessed with the tampon trash thingies? So disgusting.) Anyway, when one of my kids (or um, me) has to go, we just find a parking spot and everyone else stays strapped in. This particular potty uses ordinary, gallon-size ziploc bags. I keep plastic grocery bags in the car to put them in so that it’s not obvious to everyone that we’re throwing away human waste. Wow, that got gross fast. But few things are more gross than potty-training! 🙂

3) Mattress Protector 

mattress pad

Okay, so the method I used suggests doing day and night training at the same time. But when I potty-trained, I was either extremely pregnant or had a new-born, and I was just too tired to deal with night-time accidents. Eventually, though, the kids had to learn how to make it through the night. This mattress pad is awesome. I put it ON TOP of the sheets. If I’m lucky enough to find only the mattress pad wet, I can just take it off and replace it (we own two) in my groggy, half-asleep state. Even if the top sheets get wet, it is still easier to just replace those rather than change the whole bed. I like this particular one because the top layer is cloth, so it is just as comfortable as sheets. It’s also great if the kids are feeling sick . . . you just might save yourself a midnight bed change!

4) Froggy Potty froggy potty

This is particularly great for boys. It goes up in the front, so there is no mess for little ones learning control. Also, the entire seat comes out for easy rinsing/washing. It stays clean. 

5) Potty Covers

potty cover

These covers are expensive, and I didn’t use them as much as I thought I would, but when a bathroom is disgusting, they are a lifesaver! The entire potty gets covered — everywhere your little one can touch or swing her legs becomes germ-free. Individually wrapped, the covers fit discreetly in your purse or car.

I’m grateful for these innovative products, and I’m happy to be able to pass them on to you. Please leave a comment with any advice you have or products you love. 🙂 After all, I still have one child left to potty-train!