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Welcome to Between the Lines Book Club, your resource for hosting your very own mother/daughter book club. Here are links to our first books, The Fault in Our Stars and If I Stay!

Why would you want to have a mother/daughter book club? Reading what’s interesting to your teen can be a great opportunity for getting to know her better — and it will give her a chance to know you better, too! Applying your worldview to what’s happening in the secular world can be a great opportunity to help your daughter look at life through a helpful, godly lens. Here are the answers to some more questions you might have:

FAQs (or more like QIMU – Questions I Made Up) 🙂

Q. What is a Mother/Daughter Book Club?

A. A book club. For mothers. And daughters. (Who comes up with these questions?!) Seriously, it can be whatever you want it to be! You can get a group of moms and daughters together (fair warning: even chatty middle-schoolers have been known to clam up in groups), get coffee with your daughter, or discuss the book with the whole family on a road trip!

Q. Why is this just for mothers and daughters? Why not fathers and sons? What about mothers and sons? What about fathers and daughters?

A. Use this however you want. I’m assuming that mothers and daughters will be most interested in having a book club, since most book clubs are made up of women. But I could be wrong! My husband and I are in a book club together and we both enjoy it. But, I’ll be generally targeting mothers and daughters in my book choices and remarks because that’s what I know best.

Q. I don’t have a mother/daughter. Are you trying to make me feel left out?

A. Definitely not. Hopefully you can use these questions with a friend, teacher, or an aunt/niece or grandmother/granddaughter or neighbor or even someone who is not female (see previous question).

Q. My daughter would never do this with me, right?

A. Don’t be so sure – teens want their parents to want to spend time with them, even though they sometimes act to the contrary. If your daughter really isn’t interested, feel free to read the Sara Says and Discussion Starters and have a casual conversation. It is always valuable to be up on what your kids are reading!

Q. Are there answers to the discussion questions?

A. The questions are written to be open-ended – no right or wrong answers… though there are wrong ways to view the world! Hopefully this will be an opportunity for moms to gently and subtly help teens to look at these books through a solidly Biblical worldview.

Q. What age is Between the Lines geared to?

A. Maturity varies, but generally girls reading these books will be between 13 and 19. I try to align the level of analysis in the discussion questions to the difficulty level of the book.

Q. Are there any rules for the book club?

A. Just to listen to each other, and generally treat each other as you would your friends (i.e., mom – no freaking out about answers; daughter – no freaking out about questions).

Q. I see that your oldest daughter is not yet three years old. Why are you interested in YA literature?

A. I enjoy reading, and this book club is an excuse for me to read YA literature again (not that I ever stopped!). I taught for 7 years; several of those years were spent teaching 6th and 7th grade Reading/Language Arts. I have a minor in English and a Master’s of Education. I need an excuse to read something other than Dr. Suess and Sandra Boynton. So thanks for joining me!