I am so excited to find this music! First of all, the lyrics are by Sally Lloyd Jones, author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, which is an amazing Bible book that helped me see Jesus in all the Old Testament stories that I used to think were moral lessons. These lyrics are simple, rhyming summations of Bible stories from Baby’s Hug-a-Bible. The stories are focused on God and His acts (as opposed to man and his behavior). I’ve read the book so many times to my son, that I know all the words to the songs already. 🙂

Knowing that I liked the lyrics, I was even more pleased to hear the music! I am pretty picky about music (formal training will ruin many performances for you!), but I love these songs. Sandra McCracken was the only name I recognized, but a quick listen reveals soulful, smooth vocals that will not grate on my nerves over the long-run.

As a side note, I met Ms. Jones when she spoke at our church. She is lovely in person, and has a beautiful accent… I’m waiting for a recording of her reading her books. 🙂

Amazon.com: Big Stories for Little Ones: Rain for Roots: MP3 Downloads.

Thanks to Desiring Virtue for pointing this out on Facebook today!