I’ve never seen anyone photoshop a sonogram to her stomach, but I can probably agree that it’s tacky. However, that’s pretty much where my agreement with this article ends. Check out the last two paragraphs, in particular.

The basic argument is this: Pro-choice women, do not treat your fetuses as though they have value because people might start to think fetuses have value. Don’t celebrate your pregnancy or it will be harder to fight the next personhood amendment.

The intellectual dishonesty is astounding. The article actually asks women to pretend to not view their fetuses as a persons. If women do not heed this advice, then “‘the unborn child’ inside a pregnant woman’s womb [might] have the same rights as the living among us.” Except that the child is a living human. And why shouldn’t he or she have the same rights as other living humans?

Photoshopping a sonogram onto your pregnant stomach: tacky and bad for women.